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Add a ribbon
to your jar

Select a ribbon that fits your
style from many different
colors and types available,
or go with no ribbon at all.

Choose a title
for your jar

There’s a reason to celebrate
every occasion! Let your loved
one know why this jar
is so special.

Choose your
favorite jar type

Choose from multiple
jar types, sizes and color tints.

Daily Custom

In your own words,
tell the other person
just how much you care
about them! New notes
available daily for your
loved ones to read.

Create a jar full of personal messages,

and send it to someone special today.

Love Jar

Love jars, or love boxes, are normally created and then filled with hand-written personalized messages. However, the main problem with a physical love jar is that you can't always have it with you when you need those words of encouragement the most. With MyLoveJar.com, messages are available to you anywhere and anytime… just click on your jar to read a message, any time you want!

Love jars are not just for couples, they’re for anyone who could use some love… and that’s ALL of us! Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, family and friends… everyone needs some love, so send some!


Create your Love Jar

Choose from multiple jars, ribbons and colors to make it your own.


Write your

Write your personalized messages to your loved one.


Send your
Love Jar

Your messages are now available via any mobile device!

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